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Tips on how to grow your own tulips from Fam Flower Farm

Tips on how to grow your own tulips from Fam Flower Farm

You may not know them by name, but we’re almost certain you’ve seen Fam Flower Farm in your social media feeds at least once before. If you’ve seen a post with someone frolicking through a tulip, dahlia or daffodil field, it’s most likely been captured at Fam Flower Farm. 

Marlies and Linda are female powerhouses and the driving force behind FAM Flower Farm, which consists of two Dutch FAMily flower farms located in the flower bulb region, in Lisse, Holland. In fact, the family ties are close to Bloomeffects too. Linda is a cousin of the van Haasters, the Bloomeffects tulip suppliers! Marlies and Linda have been friends since middle school. Both married flower growers who were brought up in flower growing families. They have a deep passion for sharing their beautiful tulips, dahlias and daffodils with the world, through their social media and website. They also share tips, tricks and expert hacks on how to grow them yourselves at home. 

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Marlies and Linda kindly shared some tips on how you can grow tulips in your own backyard!


What are the key things you need to grow your own tulips at home?

All nutrition for the tulip flower is already inside the bulb, so it can hardly go wrong. Just make sure you plant them before the winter and add some water during dry periods.


How long will it take for the tulip to grow? 

It will take around 4 to 5 months before your tulips start to grow. Tulip bulbs are planted in the autumn/fall before the ground freezes. They will start to bloom in the beginning of spring (for us in the Netherlands this is March-April, but it depends on your climate zone).


Can I grow my tulips inside or do they have to be outside?

Tulips can only grow outside as they need a cold period to develop a beautiful flower.


Do tulips have to grow in a garden or can they grow in a pot? 

Tulips can grow in the garden but also grow well in pots. It is important that the pot is deep enough and there is a hole in the bottom so that the water can run out.

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How often do I need to water my tulips?

If you have just planted them and the soil is very dry, immediately give it some water. The bulbs then make roots faster and are better protected from excess rain or cold during winter. Optionally you can cover them with some leaves or other organic matter - this prevents them from drying out.


How do I look after my tulips while they are growing?

Just enjoy them growing. If the soil becomes very dry in spring add some water now and then.


When will my tulip bloom? 

In spring you will be happy to see your first tulips in bloom!


How do I know what color my tulips will be?

All tulip bulbs will be delivered with a label. You can see the colors and decide in which order you want to plant the different colors. Or you can just mix all bulbs, so you will have a real color explosion in spring!


Can tulips grow in any US climate zone?

In general, tulips thrive in regions with dry summers coupled with cool winters. For the most southern regions and California, it is too hot for tulips to start blooming. Real tulip lovers in this region can refrigerate the bulbs at 40-45 degrees for at least 6 weeks prior to planting.

You can order bulbs directly from Fam Flower Farm to try it for yourself. You will receive handy tulip planting instructions with every order. With these tips, we’re sure you’ll get them growing and flowering!

All the best from Holland,

Marlies & Linda


FAM Flower Farm


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