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How I've juggled being a new mother and growing a successful business at the same time

How I've juggled being a new mother and growing a successful business at the same time


By our CMO and Co-founder, Monica Aurigemma

Having a baby and launching a beauty brand in the same year is not an easy task! Both are equally rewarding experiences – and require different levels of care and patience. Working around the clock really takes on a new meaning with a new baby and a new business, but it’s all about balance.

For me, especially during quarantine and working from home full time, I’ve found new ways to make the most of my time. Here are some quick tips that have worked for me; 


Get the important tasks done when they sleep 
When my daughter is down for her naps, it’s my time to power through my important to-do’s and have the phone calls that require no screaming in the background! No distractions have become a luxury while WFH full time. 

Embrace their natural joy 
She makes the occasional cameo on video calls – but I think it helps to brighten the day a little bit for our team. It also helps that my co-founder Kim has a little baby girl, so we can relate and help cover for each other when the girls decide to become boss babies and take over our well-planned out days.

Take time for yourself
Taking time for yourself each day is so important. When she’s down to sleep for the night I am ready to relax. My favorite things to do are:

  • have a nice dinner and wine with my husband
  • apply a hair or face mask (Dutch Dirt Mask all the way!)
  • FaceTime my girlfriends
  • Watch mindless TV (Real Housewives!)

Planning ahead
To be honest, I was never much of a planner before having a baby. Now, routines and planning are everything. Any way I can help make the next day run a little smoother goes a long way. Prepping meals ahead of time (for my husband and I, and the baby), laying out clothes, doing that extra load of laundry before bed - it all helps!

Sometimes the mom-guilt is real when work is crazy busy, but at the end of the day we do it all for them, and wouldn’t have it any other way.